Distrust is not something that many humans come by easily. Many even give their trust back to someone who hurt them very badly in the past. Distrust of government is even worse. Fewer people distrust their governments than do trust. In many post-apocalyptic or dystopian stories, people are afraid. "Lots of people were saying that the terrorists and the government were the same -- either literally, or just meaning that they were equally as bad" (Little Brother). This statement is true for some nowadays, but for many it is not. This statement is made after the Department of Homeland Security turns the city of San Francisco into a police state. Most everyday Americans believe that this could never happen in their home country. They are sadly misinformed. Doctorow describes an entirely plausible series of events that took San Francisco from one of the most liberal cities in the United States to a city under constant surveilance where freedom of speech is repressed. An example of government repression in real life is the protests in Tiananmen Square in China in 1989. The "Tank Man" is remembered as a hero, and for resisting the Chinese Government (YouTube). Would someone else be willing to stand up?